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Spring Safety

What a storm. I’ve been a resident of Vaughan, Ontario for most of my life. And sure, we have had our share of tornadoes, hail and even ice storms. I enjoy an exquisite lightening show myself.

The winds velocity and volatility on mature trees in the neighbourhood seems to be more of a prevalent problem. Just the other day, we were outside on a ladder removing debris from the eaves. I cannot emphasize this enough, prevention pays off. Both in the long run when practiced regularly and as needed. Thanks to my neighbour, I became aware that the run off from a recent storm was above the norm and to have a look. We did. Just in time.

As for the market. Don’t mess with Mother Nature, she’s giving us clear feedback that we have more work to do when it comes to prevention, safety and long-term sustainability. Be it financial, health-wise and regarding the competing realities of real estate, always open to informed conversations.


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