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Updated: Mar 26

Responsive is always the better choice. As we enter the next quarter, the activity in the markets are adjusting as we anticipate a return to more stable and sustainable ways.

Amidst, intensification and competition for more affordable housing…Outside of Toronto, there is evidence of the first wave of an uptick in list to sales as buyers fervently search for a better deal. Tepid in certain segments. One constant though, inventory slow in development and high in demand. This trading climate coupled with more competitive mortgage structures causes one to question if the horizon appears better? It does.

Opportunities in the condo space still avail. At the time of writing, there are cranes in the sky developing new projects too numerous to mention, as well as ground breaking on several more. Ontario? Yes indeed. It is yours to discover.

In this new season, after many months of uncertainty, I remain optimistic for this new cycle of change. Having said that, YES, the market is active. If you are selling? Rest assured, you have options. Buyers, along a continuum can be challenged due to previous stress test thresholds or not at all encumbered by the volatility of interest rates. Regardless, to answer the question often asked, ‘how‘s the market?’. Within this first quarter. Active from where I stand.


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