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Reasons why? Vaughan is a solid choice.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Happy Autumn Season, a time with an abundance of holidays, reasons to get together and celebrate with friends and family. The colours are vibrant everywhere. Cool, cozy, casual. Aromas, sights and scenes and a change in temperature. Changes in diet, food options, routines, maintenance schedules and… Pumpkin-spice anything to a point.

Vaughan Mills actually is a pivot point for some seeking a different experience from Yorkdale. While parking seems to be more accessible, look again. The perimeter is always very active. I think we all can agree surface parking is a little easier to navigate. Especially when the tech is still finding itself and only one person is occupying the shift with no intel on the ground. It’s not the Eaton Centre. At least yet.

The city of Vaughan encompasses the landscape of farms, provincial nature conservation, historic, protected lands and a rich tradition of building from the ground-up. Among the major highways and service hubs, the infrastructure is built to accommodate transportation and access to vital services.

One of the answers to more affordable, better, more inclusive and healthier quality housing are echoed in the residential and commercial markets. Pandemic not withstanding. Redevelopment and repurposing existing structures and land has been and continues to be a progressive solution to address potential multi-family units and adjacent spaces to work, live and play.

The topic of real estate buying/selling is always a popular topic. A lot happens within the space of conversations. And Vaughan is bursting with new developments in nearly every sector and asset class. Home to a host of international commerce, innovations. Residents are proud to be a part of such a diverse and world class group of the future. It looks bright indeed.


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