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Managing Change

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Change is the one constant. Yet, we resist it and need it simultaneously...For those of you who know me better, you understand that I am vigilant to the data. Renovations, are more frequent, things are moving fast. Real estate sales down, up, side ways, imploding, speculative and volatile. At least, it depends who you are speaking with.

Adapting to change is a skill. Knowledge of your needs, tempered with an openness to experience something better is a healthy start.

Preparation, practical as well as philosophical action are also part of the process. In addition to risk tolerance and thresholds, opportunities always abound. Adversity, is the main theme that births creative solutions, regardless of the unique situation. On that note,

beyond numbers games, my focus is more about the do.

I’m available to discuss the analysis side, and the specifics. Remember to breathe deeper, and calmer, be kind to yourself, reach out to someone you haven’t called. Do one small thing that is different now, today and celebrate that fact.

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