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Diverse Skills for Diverse Clients

Regulated professions require members to commit to continuing education to maintain good standing, professional competence and maintain currency. My early introductions were with practical nursing, allied health care professions and social work. One of my roles as a student was working alongside a case manager whose primary function was to advocate for and with older adults. We were involved in almost every aspect of their care including: stable housing, assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living), accessing community supports, getting to and from medical appointments, even co-ordinating transportation while providing informal counselling. We were there.

Having volunteered, studied and worked in the helping fields, meeting with people at different stages, in a variety of contexts and with unique service needs—is just what we did. That hasn’t changed. Achieving the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation can help elevate one‘s practice by focusing more specifically on the needs of the 50+ population. We’re living longer. In good health and with a quality of life we want. There are always options. There are always solutions.

When we meet, we’ll discuss where you are at? Where you want to be? What is needed? Where this is possible? And with a few practical steps supported by comprehensive knowledge and a clear timeline. We’ll get there.


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